Monday, September 05, 2011

all of my sorrow .

i felt so sad. very sad. why ? whether it is why?
probably because tomorrow i will return to my college. the most thing that i do not like. seriously saying this. hha :)

again didn't even read books at all except for the history book but only three pages, this is just because when mom get super-angry at me then i had to open my book and i felt asleep at 8:30 p.m. hee. but i did not review any lesson at all. why this f**k thing happen to me ? what had happened to me ? severely. i must admit i was getting worse. is it because i feel i have been too great ?

no. not at all.

i'm not like this. i'm not going to this behavior. but, when i think it back. this environment may now makes me feel very comfortable with my position because all of them called me a MARA Junior Science College students

this is my horrible mistake. 

then the biggest problem when at home.

i found it difficult to do what my parents want to emphasize. i am stubborn. i am very stubborn. who do i need to blame now ? i should not blame anyone. it's all my fault.

i hate all this. i detest this happens.

please anyone help me. i'm getting crazy thinking of this.

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