Saturday, November 05, 2011

31 October 2011


okay, the last program for migty is an annual dinner at Heritage Hotel, Ipoh. it was the best dinner ever with my friend. we enjoyed our day a lot. everyone wear their superb dress. less talk and more picture.

it is me
soraya aiman
ika azman
atiqah amran
zaiton nasir
atiqah rusli
kaiyum azmi
wan rawanis
three musketeers of us

annual dinner without any food ? then it wouldn't be a dinner right ? we had a lot of food to eat man. and i'm feeling too lazy to list it. *actually, i'm kinda forgot the menu* just some pictures to show.
desert desserts

they had also performed several songs to the teachers and friends.

performance for the teachers
adam, usop and moha - performance to entertain the audience
ainol, usop and taufik - performance for 9th batch

end of the Migty program. 

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