Sunday, December 04, 2011

best friend for ever and ever.

assalamualaikum rakan, 

hoho, seriously i'm saying this. what a boring holiday man. i'm too tired waiting for the day my family and i could went out together. stop here.

actually i want to talk about my super duper sister and my one and only best friend in this whole wide world. her name is Sara Ackerman. she is from Australia i guess. *sorry unnie if i get it wrong. We knew each other almost two years. i'm so glad to know her and now she is my beautiful princess. i just end chatting with her. i really miss my unnie. 

ya ya ya. i know my english is terrible and horrible. but after i knew her my english got better. HAHA !

sara ackerman :)

she is beautiful for me. for someone that think she isn't pretty just stfu please.

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